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satellite dish and tv antenna

Satellite and TV aerial installations

From Parkview Aerials
Serving clients in East London and Essex

Home Entertainment Services: Welcome

Home entertainment installations and repairs

For a period of over 25 years we have been assisting private customer and commercial clients enjoy entertainment in their homes and businesses. From pubs and clubs to hotels and multi-storey offices. We can help you all.
Take a look at some of the professional services we provide below, alternatively view some of our completed projects or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

TV installations

Do you have a new TV you need installing in your home or place of business?

Do not worry, we are here t help you. Wall mounting? No problem.
As we are an independent company, we have a vast knowledge of all satellite and cable providers from Sky TV through to FREEVIEW and more. 
We can set up your new TV, ensure it is connected and your channels are tuned in. We will give you a demonstration of how it all works. All part of the service before we leave you to relax and binge watch your latest TV shows.

Happy Young Couple In Livingroom Sitting On Couch Watching Television
Couple sitting on sofa working in their cozy loft apartment

Home networking

In this modern age, everyone has and needs an internet network in their home or business. Wi-Fi is typically used in the home and has become even more important post pandemic as more and more people have not returned to the office and continue to work from home.

Whether for your home or business, we can help you get set up with a strong connection. Depending on your needs, cable connections may be the better choice due to connectivity and speed. 
Do not worry though we will talk you through all your options and if you have concerns about messy cabling, don't. Those days are long gone!

TV Aerial installation

Whether your aerial needs replacing or you simply need a new one installing we can help you. 
We have over 25 years of experience in TV aerial installations and we have helped thousands of clients continue to watch their favourite TV programmes.
The majority of our clients are private clients with their own homes, however if you have a terrestrial TV and need a new aerial, get in touch with us, we are happy to help you.

close up detail of television aerial
Dish antenna at night with bulbs glowing in background resembling population

Satellite and multi-room installation

Professional satellite installation including dish placement and box setup. 
Whether you have a residential home or a commercial business such as a hotel, we are here to help you. We provide professional satellite installation services that you can rely on. We will ensure your dish has a clear line of sight to the satellite to ensure great picture quality and sound. Before we ever leave site, we always ensure to test all your equipment is working as it should be and give you a demonstration of how it all works,

Aerial repairs and maintenance

Has your TV aerial become damaged or worn over time. Do not worry, get in touch with us and we can where possible repair your TV aerial or conduct maintenance on-site.
If your TV aerials has past its best and we are not able to repair it, we will confirm for you the problem as well as a cost for replacement. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Several satellite dishes on a flat roof
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Parkview Aerials

For all your satellite and TV installations and repairs in East London and Essex. Contact us using the details below for a fast and efficient service.

Call: 07973 601035


14a Amesbury Drive, London, E4 7PZ

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